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Cost and time estimations
  • Cost and time estimations
  • How we work
  • Legal and safety issues
  • Technical aspects

Cost and time estimations

As much as we hate giving you this answer - it really depends. Each project is different in scope and skills required, and has to be priced individually. If you have a project in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll get back to you quickly with personalized estimation.

Depending on the project, we use either Time & Material or Fixed Price model of pricing our services. The Time & Material model is much more flexible - it makes it easy to make changes or add new elements to the initial scope on the fly. It’s also significantly cheaper, but assumes that you take a more active role in the project.

Fixed Price, on the other hand, means that we take more risks on ourselves, and because of that, we also charge a premium. It’s less flexible, as we follow a precise contract without much room for changes.

For a large majority of our projects, we recommend the Time & Materials model, as it’s easier to work with for both parties, better suited to agile nature of our work, and in the long run cheaper for you.

Although it depends on the current workload, we generally start projects within a week from receiving the complete info needed from you.

The amount of work needed to be done and how many team members are engaged on our part is the obvious factor.

However, depending on a project, there might be situations where some time constraints are beyond our control. Setting up a payment system is a good example, as there is no way of speeding up the authentication process of a third party provider.

Although our team members get much freedom in how they work, we put strong emphasis on diligent reporting of each activity. This is how we know exactly what each of us is working on, at every time. You can request those reports from us at any time.

How we work

The general roadmap of how we work stays consistent across different projects. We begin with scoping to determine what exactly there is to do, then come up with a target specification of the product.

Next, we plan our work in time, which results in a timetable delivered to you. When you accept the timetable, we’re ready to start the actual work - design and content creation, and then development.

Absolutely. As long as it’s a technology we have expertise in, we are very much open to taking over unfinished projects. However, depending on how far in development the project is, sometimes the better option for all parties might be to simply start over from scratch. We come up with the best solution together with the client on a case-by-case basis.

Understanding your needs and expectations is a crucial first step. What is the product supposed to accomplish? Who is it aimed at? These are the kinds of questions we will need to go through before we can start working on your project.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure about the answers just yet, though. We’ll help you work through them during the Discovery Session.

We conduct our internal updates within the team every other working day. If you request so, this is also how often you may be updated. A more typical update schedule, however, is once a week, following our internal summary of the progress.

The answer here also largely varies from project to project, as it depends on their scope and complexity. In most cases, however, we’ll be able to show you the first results of our work after our first sprint (working week) is finished.

Absolutely, you’ll get all the necessary info you need to keep the finished project running smoothly. Extra services, such as professional training for your team (or pretty much anything else you might need!), can also be arranged.

Legal and safety issues

From a legal standpoint, we have no issues with signing Non-Disclosure Agreements whenever you feel they are needed, before we start any work or receive any data from you.

From a practical standpoint, we are pedantic about proper security of our computers and networks, as well as sharing any sensitive data only through properly encrypted channels.

As our services are more complex than those of a traditional software house, we’ve found that a common code warranty would not really cut it. Instead, we use Service-Level Agreements as the primary way in which we resolve the issues of our projects’ longevity.

You do. But keep in mind that the details may vary between projects, depending on whether you request only final files, or source files as well.

That’s largely up to you, as it’s determined by User Acceptance Testing conducted with you at an adequate stage of project development. On the planning stage of the project, we’ll also work with you to create precise DODs (definitions of done) of the key aspects or functions that we’ll be developing.

Technical aspects

Here’s the most important tools we use in our everyday work:

Design: Adobe Package, Figma, Sketch

Front-end development: Html, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript, SAAS, React, Redux, Storybook, Gatsby, Next.js, Sentry

Back-end development: Node.js, Express.js, GraphQL, Docker, Sentry

Pretty much anything that can run (and be run on) a web browser. Whether you’re thinking of a simple landing page to be viewed primarily on phones, a highly interactive experience intended for desktops, or a smart fridge solution - we’ve got you covered.

We can. Depending on the project, this might take different forms. For instance, we can handle small, regular updates to the project (for example, results and schedules in sports services), or bigger, but less frequent changes (eg. yearly updates).

Absolutely! We regularly take on prototypes, MVPs and Proof of Concept projects.

Get in touch with us, we’d love to hear about your vision!

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